June 2017


Engaging Refugee Narratives

Perspectives from Academia and the Arts III

Dissemination/Archived, Live and Graphic NonFiction

Higher Education Today on Engaging Refugee Narratives

Funded by UCL Global Engagement Office. In partnership with UCL Department of Anthropology, UCL Grand Challenges, UCL Social and Historical Sciences Faculty, UCL Institute for Human Rights and Graduate Institute Geneva Department of Anthropology.

Programme & Recordings

Living Digital Archives: Out of Place in Cyberspace
Dr. Shireen Walton, UCL


Researching Young Connected Migrants Differently: The Smartphone as Personal Pocket Archive
Dr. Koen Leurs, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

Provoking Peace: Some Lessons from Indonesia
Prof. Patricia Spyer, Graduate Institute Geneva

Another Country: Art and Archivism
Dr. Cathrine Bublatsky, University of Heidelberg

Keynote Lecture

Conflicting Performance: Afghan Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Europe
Prof. Alessandro Monsutti, Graduate Institute Geneva

The Camp is Time
Yousif M. Qasmiyeh, University of Oxford and Writer in Residence, Refugee Hosts, UCL

Sahrawi Refugee Project at Olivebranch Arts
Becky Finlay Hall, David Stothard and Emma Brown, Olivebranch Arts

Listening for Stories
Prof. Lindsay French, Rhode Island School of Design


Crossing Borders, Bridging Boundaries: Reconstructing the Rights of the Refugee in Comics
Dominic Davies, University of Oxford


Crossing Boundaries: The Power of Comics in Spreading the Stories of Refugees
Karrie Fransman, Illustrator


Rolling Blackouts
Sarah Glidden, Graphic Artist


Archive of Struggles
Oren Ziv, Photographer and Co-Founder of ActiveStills